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1.3, 1.6 Beta Glucan 250mg (Wellmune WGP®) Vivamune® is the ideal immune health ingredient for foods,
beverages and supplements. It is 100% natural and clinically proven to help safely strengthen the immune
system, making it easier for consumers to be well and stay well.
Vivamune is a 1,3/1,6 beta glucan from proprietary baker’s yeast that boosts key innate immune cells that
are part of the body’s natural defenses with patent active ingredient (Wellmune® WGP).

Target: General population.

Health Benefits:
• Used as dietary supplement to boost immunity.
• Treatment of Vulvo Vaginal Candidiasis.
• Help relief of URTIs symptoms in adults and children.
• Help relief of allergy symptoms.
• Health and wellness.
• Energy, vitality and stress protection.
• Sports nutrition.
• Children’s immunity.
• Healthy aging.

Hard gelatin capsules of 250 mg 1.3, 1.6 Beta Glucan, 30 Tablets in 3 strips.

Recommended Dosage:
For adults and older children: one capsule daily with water.


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