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NEMR Royal™ contains royal jelly which is the milky white substance
secreted from hypo-pharyngeal glands in the heads of worker bees after
they had been fed on nectar and pollen.
It provides the rich nutrition for the queen bee. Similarly, it is the food
supplied to newborn bees during the first 2 to 3 days that they are born.
Royal jelly contains most of the essential nutrients that we require,
including the Vitamin B-complex, vitamins A, C, D and E, important
mineral substance, amino acids, and other important nutritious content,
including precursor collagen.
Royal jelly is a nutritious food, which is gaining popularity as a dietary
It is used as a nutritive tonic & a source of antioxidants for autoimmune
disorders like arthritis, asthma, liver problems, difficulty sleeping
(insomnia), ulcers, kidney problems, bone fractures, high cholesterol (fat in
the blood), male baldness, increasing sexual performance and to increase
the immune system.


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