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• JP Melatonin™ 5mg contains the active substance melatonin. JP Melatonin™ 5mg can be used for treatment of Jet-lag in adults.
• Jet-lag can be recognized by sleep disturbances, daytime tiredness, fatigue, disturbances, daytime tiredness, fatigue, mild mental impairment, irritability and digestive system disturbances experienced after flying.
• How JP Melatonin™ 5mg works: Melatonin is a hormone produced by the body that synchronizes body’s biological day
• The biological rhythm can be disturbed by travelling across time zones. This is known as a jetting across time zones.
• This is known as a jet lag. The symptoms and their severity vary between individuals but are generally worse last longer. The more time zones are crossed.
• JP Melatonin™ 5mg can help restore day-and-night night rhythm and reduce the symptoms
• You must talk to a doctor if you do not feel better or worse after 5 days.
• JP Melatonin™ Helps improve sleep quality related to:
Primary insomnia (insomnia which is not due to some secondary cause)
Age-related insomnia
Jet lag
Shift work
Post-traumatic brain injury
Neurodegenerative disorders


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